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it in his pocket. She was, it appeared, effectively in solitary confinement. Orison stood up to see


if the guard minded. Apparently not. She walked about the huge basement. She'd never before seen so much military hardware outside an Armed Forces Day parade. Impressive, all this steel. A ramp led up t


o a door the size of a barn-side, also steel, bolted. If she could get inside a tank, and close the hatch, and somehow get the monster up that ramp to ram that door, she'd make an impressive call for he


lp, Orison thought. She put one foot atop a tank-tread when a large arm reached around her and set her aside. Her guard, silent-footed, had been following all through her tour. Orison returned to her c


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ot. Great deal, she thought. From desk to dungeon in an hour and a half. She'd battled with shadows, earmuffed shadows, and had got herse

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lf set in an amateur jail guarded by a pair of purple-eared apes. Nothing to do but wait. Four feet crashed onto concrete, two figures bowed till the p

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alms of their hands brushed the floor. "T'ink," the newcomer said. The two guards backed to their vehicles and resumed their seats. "Oris

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on, my dear!" It was Kraft Gerding, all unction and teeth, advancing upon her like the loser at tennis, hand outstretched. "I hope you haven't been unduly discommoded," he said. "I haven't been commoded at all," Orison said. "No one showed me the way.

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